Equal Opportunity Office

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Professional with a disability in the workplace

About the Office

The State Equal Opportunity Office is charged with providing training and technical assistance requested by any company doing business in Rhode Island and to all state departments as is necessary to comply with the intent of RIGL 28-5.1-2. The State Equal Opportunity Office is also charged with issuing any guidelines, directives or instructions necessary to effectuate its responsibilities under this chapter, and to investigate possible discrimination, hold hearings, and direct corrective action to said discrimination.


The mission of the State Equal Opportunity Office is to ensure equal opportunity compliance for all units of Rhode Island state government, as set forth by federal agencies and Rhode Island General Laws, and to ensure non-discrimination and equal opportunity in all aspects of state government, including, but not limited to, employment, procurement, and policy relative to state programs, services, and activities.

State Equal Opportunity Office (EOO)