MBE Profile: Jeffrey Bryant, Bryant Associates, Inc

Jeffrey Bryant, Bryant Associates, Inc
Jeffrey Bryant, CEO of Boston-based Bryant Associates, Inc

Jeffrey Bryant said that for aspiring minority businesses to succeed they need to value industry relationships and produce quality work, while also staying true to their core values. 

“Don’t try to become something that you’re not,” said Bryant. “Do what you’re best at and keep building relationships. It’s important to attend industry related events as often as you can. Do what you can to get noticed with project managers, as word of mouth marketing is essential to your success.” 

Bryant has served as CEO of Boston-based Bryant Associates, Inc. for seven years. The company, founded by his father Jack D. Bryant in 1976, which has an office in Lincoln, is the fourth ranked MBE company in Rhode Island per the 2022 Book of Lists.  

Bryant said that minority business owners should visit DEDI’s Minority Business Enterprise office to get certified with the state. “They’re going to tell you about the next steps in the process and guide you in the right direction. Otherwise, you’re going to be spinning your wheels trying to get going.” 

“Getting certified as an MBE is important,” he said. “The more MBEs there are, the better it is for everyone.” 

Find more information about DEDI, including how to get certified as an MBE by visiting dedi.ri.gov at https://bit.ly/3YvOazP.