MBE Profile: Manish K. Gupta, GM2 Associates, Inc.

Manish K. Gupta, GM2 Associates, Inc.
MBE Profile: Manish K. Gupta, GM2 Associates, Inc.

Manish K. Gupta said that for aspiring minority businesses to succeed they need to focus on doing great work and not on making money. 

“Whatever you do, if it’s the money that you’re focused on making, you’re making a mistake,” he said. “You should be focusing on doing the best job that you can on every project.” 

Gupta, president, director, and CEO of GM2 Associates, Inc., knows a thing or two about operating a business. He assisted his father, Madan M. Gupta, with building and growing the engineering company, which was conceived in the basement of the family’s home in 1988. 

The company is ranked number three for minority businesses in Rhode Island in the 2022 Book of Lists.   

Gupta said the company grew from 15 employees in the early nineties, and now employs in the hundreds, managing projects in several states, including Florida, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. 

“People should understand that [DEDI’s MBE program] is important for minority business owners to have a chance,” said Gupta. “Don’t give up. Don’t focus on the money. Focus on the work.” 

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