WBE Profile: Shirley X. Moore, Be Moore Interpreting

Shirley Moore profile photo
Shirley X. Moore, Be Moore Interpreting

Pawtucket-based business owner Shirley X. Moore said that being certified as a Women Business Enterprise through the state’s Division of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion leads to business opportunities for women-owned businesses. 

Moore, founder and president of Be Moore Interpreting, has operated her business since 2016. She began interpreting for her family when she was six years old after migration to the United States from their native Puerto Rico. 

Moore said interpreting involves the translation of up to 17 languages through in-person, and document-based services. Her clients include educational institutions, healthcare organizations, and local or state government officials. 

“My business has definitely benefitted from being certified,” she said. “When I speak to clients and let them know that we’re WBE certified that really engages people at a different level. It makes my business appear more professional.” 

Find more information about DEDI, including how to get certified as an WBE, visit dedi.ri.gov at https://bit.ly/3YvOazP.