MBE Profile: Ko Ishikura, Green International Affiliates, Inc.

Ko Ishikura, Green International Affiliates, Inc.
Ko Ishikura, President and CEO of Green International Affiliates, Inc.

Ko Ishikura said that his company feels strongly about using minority businesses in Rhode Island for doing meaningful work.  

“I think for [a minority business] to be successful it needs to do good work,” he said. “When we work with the Rhode Island Department of Transportation we always try to do the best work we can. In order to be successful you have to do good work.” 

Ishikura has served as president and CEO at Green International Affiliates, Inc., an engineering firm, for 17 years. The company is ranked number two as a minority business in Rhode Island in the 2022 Book of Lists. 

“We have really benefited as a company from the relationship with the Department of Administration, and the Division of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion,” he said, noting that his firm graduated out of the MBE program in 2021 due to its success in exceeding the annual gross receipts standard. 

What is Ishikura’s message to aspiring minority business owners? 

“Take the first step and get certified as an MBE through DEDI with the state,” he said. “You will find work because of the lack of minority businesses and because you are needed.” 

Find more information about DEDI, including how to get certified as an MBE by visiting dedi.ri.gov at https://bit.ly/3YvOazP