Human Resources Outreach & Diversity

About the Office

The mission of the Human Resources Outreach & Diversity (HROD) Office is to develop the State’s business case for diversity and inclusion in employment, and services.

This includes building on our capacity to attract and retain a workforce that is more reflective of the diversity within our state and its continuing challenge of the changing demographic, organizing programs that incorporate diverse perspectives, and delivering services in a manner that values and respects the diversity of our clients and customers.

HROD assists in identifying diverse candidates for key and underutilized positions within the State and appointment to state boards and commissions, in accordance with RIGL § 28-5.1-3.1 Appointments to state boards, commissions, public authorities, and quasi-public corporations.

      The HROD capabilities are to:

      1. Serve as a recruitment arm of assistance to State agencies.
      2. Work with the EEO Office performing analysis and review of the demographic of the State’s workforce and identifying areas of underrepresentation.
      3. Increase the pool of diverse candidates applying for state jobs by developing outreach strategies and customized Minority Media buying plans to reach out to a more diverse community.
      4. Build relations with diversity liaisons at other State agencies/departments to help them address areas of underrepresentation.
      5. Work with community based organizations and participating in different community events in order to strengthen our outreach and recruitment efforts.
      6. Ensure that the diverse community groups in the State of Rhode Island are well aware of underutilized key positions and the Civil Service Examination process.
      7. Present biweekly and monthly workshops to educate the general public on the state hiring process.
      8. Meet with individual job seekers from the general public to provide feedback regarding their work experience, skills and education, helping them identify the state jobs for which they are best suited.
      9. Assist individuals interested on appointments to state board and commissions.
      10. Attend job fairs throughout the state.
      11. Serve as a source of public information regarding general state government programs and services.

      The HROD goals are to:

      1. Create an effective culture of inclusion within Rhode Island state government that values and promotes diversity, and enables individuals to participate and contribute to their maximum potential.
      2. Develop sustainable, systemic changes that improve recruitment and selection processes and ensure fairness and inclusion.
      3. Develop equity trainings programs directed first at managers and supervisors within the executive branch and expanding to employees that have direct contact with the public.
      4. Work with agencies interested in being proactive in developing diversity committees, and designing succession plans that include diversity goals.
      5. Identify individuals from diverse communities to be considered for appointment to state boards and commissions.
      6. Develop a database to capture and manage the information from resumes provided by applicants that come to our office for assistance.
      7. Develop a closer working relationship with human resources departments at education institutions and the quasi-public agencies to help set and achieve diversity goals.

      Human Resource Outreach and Diversity Office (HROD)