Certification Review Committee

The Certification Review Committee (CRC) shall function as an appellant body. Firms that are denied certification as an MBE, WBE, VBE, DBE, or ACDBE may request a hearing before the CRC to appeal said decision. The CRC consists of five (5) members, appointed by the Director of the Department of Administration, who shall also appoint the chairperson of this committee. The five (5) members will consist on one (1) individual from the Rhode Island Department of Transportation and four (4) individuals from either the public or private sector. At least four (4) members will represent minority groups as defined under RIGL 37-14.1. Each member, including the chairperson, will serve at the pleasure of the Director of the Department of Administration, and their term will be perpetual or until a replacement is appointed.

Current members of the Certification Review Committee are as follows:

  1. Dorinda Keene, Chairperson
  2. Nancy Rodriguez
  3. Ron Crosson